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Committees Ask Boards for Input

State Board Report July 2010 State Boards were asked to begin studying several proposals unveiled at the 2010 NASBA Regional Meetings, held June 9‐11 in Charleston, SC, and June 23‐25 in Seattle, WA, and to send their comments to the committees that initiated those proposals. The State Board Relevance and Effectiveness Committee, led by Carlos…

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Proposed Uniform Definition of Independence Discussion Paper

May 20, 2010 The discussion paper below is an attempt to combine two definitions of independence into one uniform definition. The IFAC states that the independence of mind is the state that permits the expression of a conclusion, while the AICPA states that it is the performance of an attest service without being affected by…

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Exam Contract Extension Signed

State Board Report March 2010 NASBA Chair Billy M. Atkinson and President David A. Costello signed an extension of the computer‐based testing (CBT) agreement for the Uniform CPA Examination on March 4 with AICPA Chairman Robert Harris, AICPA President Barry Melancon and Prometric representatives. The new agreement extends the AICPA’s development of the Examination through…

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NASBA Addresses AICPA SEC Conference

State Board Report January 2010 NASBA Chair Billy Atkinson and President David Costello told the AICPA’s SEC Conference in December that “the 55 State Boards of Accountancy are working with NASBA to strengthen the accounting profession.” They reminded attendees that Boards of Accountancy comprise the largest accountancy regulatory body in the world, regulating over 650,000…

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Educators Say IFRS is Being Taught

State Board Report November 2009 Accounting programs are already covering International Financial Reporting Standards, a three‐member panel of educators told NASBA’s Annual Meeting. Brigham Young University Professor Kevin D. Stocks said his school’s board of advisers has already made IFRS part of the curriculum, comparing them to US rules. CUNY Baruch College Dean John A.…

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2009 Annual Meeting, Billy Atkinson, Inaugural Address: More Doors to Open

November 3rd, 2009 NASBA Chairman Billy M. Atkinson, CPA, delivered the Inaugural Address at the 2009 Annual Meeting. He comments on key points that State Boards of Accountancy addressed during his tenure as board chair. See Full Document:Inaugural Address

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Atkinson to Address Educators

State Board Report December 2008 Should a candidate be able to take the Uniform CPA Examination when he or she has 120 hours of education and then wait until 150 hours are obtained to be licensed? NASBA’s study of that question will be discussed by NASBA Vice Chair Billy Atkinson at the February 8, 2009 meeting…

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Panel Weighs Education Rules

State Board Report May 2007 Flexibility in accounting curriculum was the main recommendation of the panelists who met with NASBA’s Education Committee to discuss the Uniform Accountancy Act’s model education rules framework on April 30 in Dallas. Some 80 educators, regulators and representatives of other groups interested in accounting education participated in the meeting. The NASBA…

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