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NASBA Forming 2015-16 Committees

March 25, 2015 As we begin planning for NASBA’s 2015-16 committee cycle, we encourage you to volunteer your knowledge, abilities and time to NASBA by serving on a committee during the next committee year. Once received, 2015-16 committee assignments will be made by Vice Chair Donny Burkett, based on the information contained in the submitted…

CPA Exam Bracketology: Accounting Programs Face Off

Author: David Sargent, NASBA Communications and Electronic Media Specialist
Posted: March 20, 2015

The men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments are in full swing…

March 2015 – Full Issue

International Concern with Audit Quality

State Board Report March 2015 Deficiencies in important areas of audits persist, the International Forum of Independent Audit Regulators (IFIAR) reports. IFIAR’s 2014 Survey of Inspection Findings is based on the 29 IFIAR member countries’ inspection of 948 public company audits in which they found deficiencies in 47 percent. The international regulators discovered the highest…

President’s Memo: Changing Our International Thinking

State Board Report March 2015 For many years most Boards of Accountancy have recognized non-U.S. accountants using the Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) developed by the NASBA/AICPA International Qualifications Appraisal Board (IQAB). These accountants hold professional designations which IQAB has determined have similar requirements to those for being a licensed CPA, as outlined in the Uniform…

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